Music Lessons in Canberra

Whether you’re learning music at school in your classroom for the first time, studying at college or university, or just want a bit of fun at home, Music Your Way tutors can support your learning journey. Our tutors pride themselves on technique, theory and musical knowledge development.

Where Can You Learn

As our name suggests, Music Your Way is all about providing opportunities for everyone in Canberra to learn music in a fun, friendly and flexible manner to suit YOU. This includes the locations you can learn music. At Music Your Way we recognise that not everyone wants or has the ability to travel to a music school or studio and cannot afford to miss time off during school or business hours.

It is for these reasons that we provide a multi-faceted teaching approach where you can learn:

  • Learn at school as an individual or with friends.
  • Learn at home if you don’t want the hassle of driving around town.

Just let us know when and where you’d like to learn and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

How Can You Learn

Whether you learn at home, or school, our lesson formats are consistent. Depending on your preferred approach we can teach you as an individual or with friends in shared group classes. Family options are also available and will receive a generous discount.

  • Individual Lessons 

    Music Your Way teachers are available 6 days a week to provide expert individual tuition.

    No matter what you’d like to achieve through learning your instrument, Music Your Way tutors will work with you to develop a learning journey to suit your expectations and needs.

    Individual lessons start at 30 minutes at a cost of $35.00 + GST.

    We provide the highest quality music education in a wide array of instruments, including: piano, voice, guitar, violin and drums

  • Group Lessons

    Group music lessons are available for most instruments to two or more students who just want to try an instrument out for a bit of fun. This typically takes place with a friend or friends at school, a parent or siblings at home. Normally students would only do group lessons for a short period (maybe 10-20 lessons) to work out if they are enjoying music and the instrument they’ve chosen. At this point, most students progress to individual lessons because they need the extra one-on-one tailored approach to suit their learning needs. The cost of a 45 minute group is $30 + GST per student.

  • Workshops

    Music Your Way is happy to provide school-based workshops to allow larger groups of students the opportunity to hear and participate in music-based learning activities. We are currently running drumming workshops and offer a range of other groups including choral, jazz band and string ensembles to schools. Please contact us for more information.

  • Family Discounts

    At Music Your Way we understand that music is one of the very best ways to bring a family together. As such, we want to encourage as many families to learn and love music like we do.

    We recognise that a little bit of help goes a long way so we want to help our Music Your Way families by offering a generous discount to any families where two or more family members learn from our tutors. When you register your interest with us just let us know how many family members would like lessons and we’ll let you know the discount you’re entitled to. This discount will be reflected for the entire family – not just the additional participants.

    Please note, this discount does not cover materials such as books.